Prayer Request

Whatever chapter of your life... whether struggling in school, starting a new family, or dealing with addiction, illness, or death... you're never alone at Ember Church! Let us know what your challenges are and we will pray for you. If you wish, your prayer request will also be posted below, so the whole Church (not just our staff) may together pray to God that He will ensure your well-being.

Please Pray!

Below are prayer requests that have been submitted by our congregants. Please pray for these people (and click the "hands" so they know that someone did)!


My company LEGIT®️ action figures is being presented to HASBRO at this time. God has allowed me to find great favor with the manufacturer of all Hasbro toys in India, a man named John. John will be contacting the CEO of HASBRO regarding my brand. The Lord has simply continued opening doors and I’m walking through them. It has been prophesied that an angel will go out with each figure using my technology; kind of a principalities covert ops. The angels will go where we as Christians simply can’t go. There’s been a lot of favor and a lot of warfare regarding my brand and out of the blue God opened up this HASBRO situation. I didn’t even make a phone call, Jesus is just up to something. A deal with HASBRO would be game changing for me as well and would allow me to help others as well as my family. Please pray that in this time of financial hardship a real breakthrough would happen for me. I won’t share the financial situation I’m in now; suffice it to say Yahweh is providing for me. It’s just enough to get by.